Perhaps you are conducting business in English or simply travelling to the Canadian Rockies and you are aware that communication is being prepared for the unexpected*. Or maybe your English is more written than verbal: the academic paper you want to publish, the application you want to submit or the letter you need to craft. In every case, using and understanding the right words can mean the difference between success and failure.

So learning with me means not only exploring the special vocabulary you need** and filling in the gaps in your grammar, but also interacting in a natural manner. It means working from unexpected sources as well as the usual learning books. And it means working with the language in a way that will make you feel better about the chaos of everyday English.

* I'm fully aware that you can't be “prepared for the unexpected”, but who says English is logical.

** What “special vocabulary” is is up to you: I had a student come to me white in the face one day because he misunderstood the word “generally”. The EU Directive he was holding in his hand had a description of electrical metres, and he thought his company was going to have to replace all of theirs.